Building on  80 years of industry experience in fresh fruit in both domestic and international markets, Tropical Fruit Direct is dedicated to growing the Tropical Fruit category for the benefit of growers, suppliers, retailers and consumers.

We are passionate about delivering fresh, quality produce to meet and exceed the expectations of a increasingly sophisticated and well informed  consumer base.

Adopting a ‘field to fork’ approach, we celebrate and promote fresh & quality tropical produce and the farmers that produce it.  In turn, we offer consumers inspiration, education & connection to their food source to nourish the mind & body.

Consumers can have confidence around the provenance, authenticity and sustainability of produce supplied by Tropical Fruit Direct.


To drive change in the tropical category, we realise that growers need solid financial returns to drive investment and innovation in their businesses and a clear marketing strategy to deliver and grow those returns on a long term basis. We provide the platform to allow growers to do what they do best – deliver high quality, Australian grown produce to domestic and international markets. Our team of experts is here to assist growers with their business goals to ensure long-term sustainability in this dynamic and competitive industry.

“In our view, the tropical category is under represented in the fresh fruit sector.  Yet tropical fruits add colour, texture, taste and nutritional benefits to the consumer experience.  We aim to drive household penetration and purchase frequency and celebrate the benefits and versatility of the category”.
Steve Barnes, CEO

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